Continuing Professional Development

Reporting your CPD Activities to the LSUC as of January 2014

As of January 2014, the LSUC updated its CPD hours reporting process hours by removing the extensive list of programs in its database. The process now requires everyone to manually input the information into the system.

Here is a summary of how to report your CPD activities:

1. Sign in on the member portal at

2. Select the CPD tab

3. Select “Update My CPD Program” on left hand bar

4. Select the appropriate “Activity Type” in the drop down menu. This menu includes the following choices: CPD program or course, teaching, and writing/editing

5. Enter the following program information: a. Area of law b. Program name c. Provider d. Location e. Start date f. End date g. Substantive hours (hours, minutes) h. Professionalism hours (hours, minutes)

6. Click “Save”

7. If you are entering hours for “teaching”, then follow the same steps as outlined above in numbers 4, 5 and 6. There will be a reminder that you multiply your teaching time by a factor of three to a maximum of six teaching hours per year.

Please note that any 'excess' Professionalism hours will be used to cover any outstanding Substantive hours as part of the CPD Requirement. Excess Substantive Hours will NOT cover any missing Professionalism Hou