Canadian Bar Association

This site provides access to the CBA publication The National and to The Canadian Bar Review. The organization also offers access to information on in-person conferences, online webinars, publications and other media formats that address topics relevant to various areas of practice and interest. 

City of Brantford

This virtual city hall allows you to find information on Brantford’s bylaws and municipal code. You can also access budget, taxes and assessment services. By browsing through the Administration and Structure section you can obtain a complete list of City contacts and phone numbers. 

Criminal Lawyers' Association 

The CLA assists its members in every aspect of the practice of criminal litigation and is one of the largest legal organizations in Canada, with more than 1,200 members.


LibraryCo is the overseeing body for the county courthouse library system. This site provides information about the history, and the purpose of LibraryCo. It comes complete with links to supporting documentation, details about and links to each county courthouse library. Thanks to LibraryCo all county and district law association libraries now have toll-free numbers so lawyers and county library staff anywhere in the province can reach each other for assistance. Our toll free number is 1-866-759-2038. LibraryCo has also established free document delivery between its libraries, we can also get you material from practically any item you can find listed on the online catalogue, AdvoCat The participating libraries will either make copies of the section you need or lend the actual book to us for you to borrow for one week. LibraryCo covers the cost of the courier to acquire the items so there is no cost to our library locally for this service. Perhaps the biggest initiative is that LibraryCo funds free access to Quicklaw in every county and district law association library.

Ontario Bar Association

The Ontario Bar Association is a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, an organization of 18,000 lawyers formed to provide support by the profession to the profession. Lawyers can explore the various practice sections, find out about upcoming CPD events and search their publications catalogue. 

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

OTLA, with over 1500 members is an association of lawyers acting for plaintiffs.

Federation of Ontario Law Association Presidents (FOLA)

The members of FOLA represents the interests of more than 12,000 practising lawyers working in communities across Ontario. Semi-annually, the Presidents and association representative meet iin May and November plenary sessions to discuss, debate and form resolutions on issues affecting the profession. 

The Law Society of Ontario

The Law Society of Ontario governs Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals and regulates, licenses and disciplines Ontario’s more than 46,000 lawyers and over 5,000 licensed paralegals. The Law Society offer services to the public such as: a complaints service, a referral service, which provides the name of a lawyer or paralegal who will provide a free consultation of up to 30 minutes, and the compensation fund. 

The Real Estate Council of Ontario

This organization assumed responsibility from the Ministry of Consumer Services for the administration of the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act. Its mandate focuses on consumer protection and administration of regulatory requirements for Ontario’s real estate profession's complaint, compliance and discipline procedures.